Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Logo Designz Pros believes that customer satisfaction is the only critical aspect that can bring real success to any company in this industry. In this spirit, we ensure the satisfaction of our valued customers by offering a guarantee of unconditional refund, which is rarely granted by other agencies.

This guarantee allows no questions to be asked from our side, and no extra charges are deducted when customers’ returns are transferred. Logo Designz Pros believes, however, that you will not ask for a refund because we are absolutely certain that you will appreciate our logos and other project designs. When registering for any of our services, clients, hereby declare that they have read and accepted the terms set out below:


  • Basic Review narration to ensure that no typing, spelling, or punctuation errors are found, and that the work remains mostly free of these lapses, even if we aspire to always correct all errors.
  • Major correction relating to grammatical arrangements (such as syntax, coordination, uppercase, lowercase, solve problems of inconsistency, structural problems, etc.).
  • Editing of styles including a thorough review in which ambiguities, redundancies, and confused fragments are rewritten or deleted.

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