Terms And Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Logo Deisgnz Pros kindly advises all of the visitors on our website to thoroughly read our entire terms and conditions, before placing an order with us. Through the use of this website, placement of an order, or else by entering into any authorized contract, it is considered that you have recited, understood, and acknowledged the following terms and conditions. Please note that the terms ‘our’ and ‘we’ cited in the ensuing terms and conditions redirects to Logo Deisgnz Pros, unless stated as otherwise.

Copyright / Trademark: All visible content on this website including written material, logos, images, design, graphics, programming, and software are the intellectual property of the company. The trademark names utilized on our websites belongs to the respective company or its subsidiaries. They cannot be used by any association as an affiliation for any product or service which is not a part of our organization.

Contact Information: Logo Deisgnz Pros is happy to interact with clients through various mediums of communication such as email, live chat, telephone, or by submission of a query form. Our customer representatives are available 24/7 to provide you with best support and assistance available.

Payment Procedure: All payments need to be cleared at the time the order is placed by the customer. A delay in payment will result in a delay of services. Logo Deisgnz Pros accepts payments through online transfer or direct deposits into our bank accounts. Details regarding our bank account can be presented by our customer representative after the request is made by the customer.

Customer’s Personal Information: Logo Deisgnz Pros reserves all the right to disclose your private information under certain situations, if required by law.

Limitation Of Liability: All clients agree that under no circumstances will the company be held responsible for any damages from the use or misuse of this website or by the services delivered by this website.

Customer Account Information: All customers are entirely responsible for their own accounts. Though the company will initially provide username and password, they should be changed immediately in order to restrict the access of any other user to your account.

Website Modification Policy: The company reserves all the right to alter or modify any parts of the website, policies, and conditions without prior notice. However the latest and updated versions of the aforementioned shall be displayed live on the website.

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